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  • $20.00

    Embassy Sweets 2020 Calendar, Featuring The Dolly Diamond,Model Jennifer Lynn, Lillian Rose Suicide, Amanda Seay, Erin Marshall, Kelly, Emly, SVD, Kelly

    Product Available, Please allow 1-2 Weeks for delivery
  • $55.00

    Embassy Skateboards, Craig Johnson, OG, ALVA shape tribute with 100% Embassy flavor.  This bad boy comes in a green airbrush fade. Stats are 10.25" width, 30.4" length with a classic 15.25" Wheel Base.  Graphics by Shane Munce

    Product Available, Please allow 1-2 Weeks for delivery

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A Little Texas History Lesson

Ride with Pride

Embassy Skateboards is the brain child of Skateboard Legend John “TEX” Gibson and Bark Hard band mate Lee Leal. John was the first Texas pro skateboader EVER. John’s career expands through four decades. In 2009, Tex launched his own Skateboard Company to continue the legacy where it left off. From oldschool to newschool, Embassy promises to keep the core of skateboarding alive. No compromising here. Accept NO substitution's!! If you don't like it, go ride something else. Otherwise, we live by what we stand for. RIDE WITH PRIDE!!! Our MISSION Statement is simple. Continue the TEXAS Brand “SKATE TUFF” attitude in skateboarding, develop new talent and create a new history for generations to follow.


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