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Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson

Embassy Skateboards Legend

If you still skated, it wasn’t just something you did because you thought it was cool. You skated because it is cool.

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Stance : Goofy

Home : Dallas, TX

Age: 51


Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson, Dallas proud.  If you skated in the 80's and knew about the Zorlac crew & the ALVA posse. Then you know who Craig Johnson is.  From the classic double capped "Pro Designs" knee pads to the long dreadlocks, to the renegade no holds bar, living on the edge, could lock-up on any given moment, Craig Johnson is the definition of GNAR GNAR. When Johnny & Lee started Embassy, it was a no brainer to have "El Loco" Gringo on board for the journey.  Craig continues to skate to this day. On Dinasaur days at Guapo in Dallas, you can find CJ padding up in those famous Pro Designed knee pads. With the term "legend" being tossed around loosley these days. The word legend can be displayed here in all upper case. We can proudly say "Texas is the Reason" and Craig Johnson is a living legend.  Embassy Pride to the highest degree.