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Embassy Skateboards is the brain child of Skateboard Legend John “TEX” Gibson and Bark Hard band mate Lee Leal. John was the first Texas pro skateboader EVER. John’s career expands through four decades. In 2009, Tex launched his own Skateboard Company to continue the legacy where it left off. Partners include 80's vert pro's Ken Fillion, Craig Johnson, and Todd Prince. Ambassador's include Ben Johnson, reigning from San Antonio, has earned the reputation of "Capn't GNAR GNAR"! Ben has been living in Cali the past couple years. If you run in to him, offer him a shower and a beer, We're sure he needs it!! Oklahoma’s Gary Morris is going strong, Padre Island’s Noel Mire. Noe as we like to call her has been down with a very rare Nerve disease. We send her the PMA vibe!! Also repping the girls is Kat Folsom from Folsom California. She is part of the LEGENDARY "N-MEN" crew that reigns in NorCal. Kat is married to Roger Folsom old school NorCal ripper. Newly added to the crew is Zach Castillo from Galveston Texas. Zach brings his no nonsense no comply to the table. Collin Graham rounds it off from Virginia Beach, VA. Collin's style is smooth as butter. He gets to skate the vert everyday at Mt Trashmore, he also gets to grow up with that thick Virginia Beach "Fork it up" WW attitude. Embassy Legend and Old School Crew includes Dave Reul, living and flying the flag high in SoCal. Pat Black originally from Austin Texas relocated to NorCal.  Gene Hare relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah. On the the east coast Embassy has legend Henry Gutierrez representing strong and keeping the new school in line. Virginia Beach roots start here. Embassy launched in Feb. of 2009 with 7 different shapes and 4 different graphics. Embassy “Legends” series is out, with the “Tex” Gibson, Craig Johnson, Ken Fillion, Todd Prince, Dave Reul “Legend Series”. All are custom “Old School” shapes inspired from the 80’s, along with a mini of each model. Embassy has alot of history embedded in the brand. From oldschool to newschool, Embassy promises to keep the core of skateboarding alive. No compromising here. Accept NO substitution's!! If you don't like it, go ride something else. Otherwise, we live by what we stand for. RIDE WITH PRIDE!!! Our MISSION Statement is simple. Continue the TEXAS Brand “SKATE TUFF” attitude in skateboarding, develop new talent and create a new history for generations to follow. Now go to the shop and buy a deck, 2 shirts and a cap!!!! Rip it up, Stay True to the CORE!!!! Stay tuned for News and Updates!!

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